What is multi-channel retailing?

Before we explore multi-channel retail definition, first you should know what retailing is all about. Retailing is high-tech high-growth industry that offers possibilities to people so that they could make their profit and loss decisions earlier.

Multi-channel retail means you sell products on several online channels (more than one channel) like Shopify, Amazon and eBay.

What is Omni channel retailer?

For customers, shopping is all about convenience, speed and flexibility. They want to shop anywhere at any time. Moreover, they expect a seamless experience whether they’re shopping in-store or online. With the modernization of ecommerce world, retailers need to have technology, which has capacity to enhance both the in-store experience and bring physical and digital shopping worlds into single Omni channel experience.

Multi-Channel Retailing Examples

Due to fierce competition in retail world, it is hard to excel and stand out from the rest. Some big brands have set right examples for us all in category of multi-channel retailing to look up to. These big retailers are doing the best they can. So, we can learn from their success and excel at the same too.

Undoubtedly Amazon – a giant retail is in this list. They are experts at helping people and customers, and deliver what they want.  Their website offers plethora of products and filtering options to help customers find what they’re looking for. In addition, they personalize suggestions based on browsing history and purchasing behavior of their customer.

Argos is another big name to talk about. Their ecommerce site is not much noteworthy; however, they attempted to build a digital store concept in a way that customers prefer to shop. With their touch screen catalogues, customers can browse over thousands of products and enjoy seamless shopping experience.

Boots offer many delivery options to their customers. They do this with their huge network of retail stores that gives them benefit with a good reach to customers. Small businesses can also learn from this and strive to make their delivery options as timely as possible.

House of Fraser is pioneer in implementing ‘mobile first’ approach due to increase use of touch screen devices by customer. They achieved success in staying ahead of their competitors in combining different channels successfully.

John Lewis excels at multi-channel retailing and fulfillment. They are always one step ahead in customer delivery.

It’s motivating to know about the strength of top retailers who overcome all the challenges to strive towards retail innovation.

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