Multi channel is offering customers an opportunity where they can shop through different channels made available by a certain company. These channels could include brick and mortar stores, websites, TV advertisements, websites and a lot more. Multi channels have existed since quite some time now, however now the concept is growing immensely and are being considered and used by all sorts of companies. Moreover, the devices used for these channels are increasing with each passing day as well. There are quite a few pre-conceptions regarding multi channels that need to be diminished.

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Benefits of Multichannel Retailing

  1. Customers use all channels as soon as they are made available

If customers use more than one channel it is not because it is made available to them but because they want to use the variety of channels for their own needs. Using multi channels can be for various reasons for instance saving money; if customers see a product online that is on a promotion price they can go and buy in from the physical store so that they save up on the shipping fee.

In the same way they could be reducing risks by using a physical store to try on the product before they purchase it or reserve it on the phone so that the product does not run out. Moreover, customers could use it to save time, they could show their family a certain product on the TV and then with their approval go to the closest store and purchase the product.

  1. All channels should have the same offerings

Businesses worry that customers will not be able to find the same product across all channels; therefore retailers are bound to make sure that the product is available throughout the different channels. However this may be quite risky, because each channel has a specific target audience; for instance mobile channels for the younger generation and catalogues for older customers. By putting all products on every channel, businesses may lose out on their sales.

  1. Customers who use different channels are more likely to make a purchase

Businesses feel that if the products are made available on all the channels are more likely to help make a purchase. However that is not true, if a product doesn’t have the quality, nobody will purchase it regardless of its uniqueness and availability. Making a product available on multi channels will make customers aware of it but won’t necessarily increase their sales.

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