Multi channel retail is known as offering a variety of platforms to their customers through whom purchases can be made. It can also be referred to as online and offline ways for customers to shop from. Multi channel retail is now considered as one of the top ten trends in the market. Out of all the top trends this has been seen as the most important one as it can make or break a business.

The main focus of multi channel retail is that it provides customers with products through a wide choice of options and maximizing the revenue of their sales. Moreover, it also helps customers to engage better with the brand and make their shopping experience as convenient as possible. Multi channel retail had not begun by e-commerce but by the customers themselves. Customers expect to find the products that they want on more than one platform for the brand they want to purchase.

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A huge risk with multi channel retail is the integration of all the channels. It is important that businesses have all of their channels integrated with each other so that they can have 360 degree view regarding all of the sales and revenue. It is also vital for brands to be reliable and consistent as that shows a brand loyalty with the customers. Businesses need to make sure that everything is consistent; from customer service, to delivery and everything else.

Businesses should create a certain sense of their brand through the shopping experience they provide for their customers, customer service, product description etc. Multi channel retailing is also necessary for businesses that operate offline. Even though physical stores are preferred by customers they still tend to research the product through different channels before purchasing them. Businesses also need to make sure that their online store and brick and mortar store are connected with each other rather than working as two separate groups.

If a customer sees a product online and not find the product in the physical store it will put the customer off and spoil their shopping experience. Therefore it is important for the online and offline store to work together. An automated inventory system is required to make sure that there is access to the entire available product and making sure that everything is up-to-date. If e-commerce and physical stores are integrated the salesperson can help out the customers in a much simpler and faster way.

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