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According to the latest research, you can expect for the online sales to continue rising, of course, as long as you have chosen the right multi channel selling platform and you know how to sell. The online average annual growth rate is 9.2% and will hold steady in the upcoming years.

If you want to make the most out of your online business or brand, and we suppose that you do, you have to be really active and completely optimized for multiple channels. Social commerce options, price comparison engines, multi-site product generators and aggregators, mobile apps, and marketplace platforms are all huge drivers of sales.

However, none of this is important, of your brand can’t provide a unified, consistent customer experience across all the channels we just mentioned. We know that keeping it all in sync is a little bit complicated from different perspectives, especially when it comes to branding assets, order fulfillment, product information, inventory management, and shipping logistics. Trying to do everything, even with the best team by your side can be really hard.


There are some great tools that can help you out:

  • Provide an outstanding multi-channel support: When you connect with different customers and potential buyers on multiple channels, it can be really difficult to keep up with customer support and service. There is this one great tool – Freshdesk which makes it really easy to manage all of your customer support conversations, regardless of which channel the customer chooses to use to start a support request. This tools can offer you a built-in phone channel, email ticketing, a feedback widget, a live chat, and other tools that can be installed and help customers who are looking for an extra assistance.
  • Create a consistent omni-channel presence: If you want to create a consistent omni-channel presence and you should, Shopify is a great tool that will help you out. This tool integrates with Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook, and Pinterest. Also, it connects your inventory to all of your social media platforms, marketplaces, and POS or Point of Sale solutions. You can manage sales across different channels which will help you to avoid future errors, optimize inventory, and skip inconvenient manual data entry.
  • Engage with a branded mobile app – We all know that a lot of customers today shop via smartphones which makes a perfect sense to connect with customers and potential buyers via mobile. There is this tool called Shopage which makes it super easy for ecommerce businesses to create branded mobile applications for customers. Shopgate allows you to create all kinds of mobile websites for iPad, iPhone, and Android. It is perfect for encouraging loyalty via QR codes, coupons, and push notifications.

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  • Simplify asset management – One of the best tools that will help you simplify your digital asset management is Bynder, a very popular brand management platform. By using the single dashboard, you can easily edit, develop, find, and use the newest versions of your online content, including banners, logos, video content, and product images.
  • Comparison shopping engines – The tool GoDataFeed makes it super easy for merchants to promote their products on comparison shopping engines, such as Facebook, Shopzilla, Google Shopping, Bing, and others. Retailers usually see up to 20% of their traffic coming from comparison engines, meaning it is really important to include them in your strategy.

Multi channel merchants who are using a multi channel selling platform should definitely look into using one of these tools!

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